Yelp Reviews

Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yelp keeps 'not recommending' reviews that customers are leaving on their site.  I assure you that all the reviews are legit and from real customers.  Here they are, un-edited:


5.0 star rating

 Prompt, efficient service at a very reasonable cost.  We have 16 year old wool-blend wall-to-wall carpet that we thought would have to be replaced, after trying several other carpet cleaning companies.  Decided to try Maximum Carpet before giving up. The carpet now looks great--highly recommend.


5.0 star rating

You cannot go wrong with Maximum Carpet. It is by far the best carpet cleaning service I have used in Laramie. The customer service was great and the results were amazing.  The amount of time they spent prepping and pretreating the carpet sets them apart from other cleaning services.  You will not be disappointed.


5.0 star rating

They showed up on time for the job. They actually pretreated the carpets, which you don't always find (I've used various carpet cleaners and this was a first). They finished the job in about 30 minutes which was faster than expected but they got up some of the more difficult stains in the process. I would definitely highly recommend them to anyone.


5.0 star rating

I called Jeff at Maximum Carpet and he was able to get over to our house within a few days. He managed to get some stains out that I never thought would come out and he did it for a great price considering the quality of work.  Definitely give Maximum Carpet a try.


5.0 star rating


Own a high traffic business in town, and our "industrial strength, stain resistant" carpets were damaged and stained to what I thought was beyond repair. I had tried renting one of those machines from Wal- Mart, but that didn't help much at all. Before spending the money on new flooring, I decided to give Maximum a call. They came in, were friendly, quick, and professional, and the carpets were brought back to almost new condition! The rates were very reasonable (much more inexpensive than I had estimated) and I was very satisfied. Top Notch.