What to do when you have a water loss

Posted on Sunday, March 8, 2015

It is common to not be able think rationally when you get home and find a foot of water on the floor.  Here are some important tips for if/when you find yourself in this situation:

Safety First!

1)  Only if electric panel is safe to access - turn off electricity in and around affected area.

2)  DO NOT enter areas where the ceiling is wet and/or sagging.  The weight of the water and debris can cause serious injury if it falls.

3)  Be very careful when walking from wet to dry areas - slip & falls are the most common injury.

4)  Call Maximum Carpet & Restoration at (307) 460-8515.

IMPORTANT - if the water is Category 3, such as from a sewer backup or flood, stop at step #4 and DO NOT enter the affected area.

While awaiting our arrival, do the following if possible and safe:

5)  See if you can locate the source of the water and stop it.  If it is a broken pipe, turn off the water main and/or call a plumber.

6)  Take photos of the impacted area(s).

7)  Begin moving wet items out of affected area.  Be careful as items can be much heavier when wet.

8)  Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under wooden furniture to minimize their contact with the water.

9)  Wipe excess water off flat surfaces such as tables, chairs or other furniture.

10) Remove area rugs, books and other printed material, or other items that contain inks & dyes to prevent staining.

11)  When applicable, contact your insurance company and file a claim.

12)  Use buckets or mops to begin removing water.  DO NOT use your vacuum cleaner.

All water losses are different - the above are guidelines for a typical water loss and are not meant to be an all-inclusive list.