Quick Clean is a money-saving service from Maximum Carpet & Restoration!

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

Quick Clean is a service offered by Maximum Carpet & Restoration that is designed for those carpets that do not require a full steam cleaning but still need some TLC.  It is the same service that other 'fast dry' companies offer, but at a 25-50% lower price and yet you still get our awesome customer service and satisfaction guarantee.  Our Quick Clean service is green & environmentally friendly, fast, economical and the carpet is completely dry in about an hour.  It is great for those situations where you just need the high traffic areas cleaned, have guests coming over, interim treatment between deep steam cleanings or just want the carpet refreshed.  It also does an amazing job on pet hair removal.

The first room is $40.00 and each additional room is $20.00.  A flight of stairs is $20.00.  Hallways & closets in cleaned rooms are free.  Rooms larger than 200 square feet may be considered two rooms.

Important notes:

•  In order to keep costs down, you must have any desired furniture moved upon our arrival. 

•  This service is not designed to clean extremely dirty, stained or pet-damaged carpet.  While the results will still be good, it is not as effective in these situations as steam cleaning.

•  Be sure to let us know you want the Quick Clean at the time of scheduling the service so we can be sure to have the proper crew and equipment ready for you.

•  Tenants moving out of rental property - please note that this service is not recommended for you and likely will not meet your lease requirements for a security deposit refund.  Please view your lease terms.

•  For those concerned about maintaining their carpet warranty, most carpet manufacturers do not qualify this method (whether done by us or any other 'fast dry' company) for their 18-24 month cleaning requirement.